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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

As we get closer to our 24th anniversary, LBH Colombia enjoys a clear recognition in the Colombian market as a ship agency able to handle any break bulk and bulk cargoes.  Without loosing our grip on the coal cargoes, which has been the backbone of our growth, we now participate actively in other commodities involving all type of ships apart from Cruise Liners and Container carriers. This means that we have increased our expertise to include grains, gypsum, fertilizers, clinker, steel and other dry bulk commodities, managing successfully the different challenges coming from receivers/importers´ demands and needs, as well as from the Customs formalities. The inclusion of these markets into our total pie has meant a marathonic job which dates back a decade and a bit more.

We continue active in the liquid cargoes especially for exports, not only for the crude oil cargoes, but also for vegoils ships, at a time when export volumes for this commodity are increasing. Recently, we participated also in the successful delivery of the second LNG cargo received thru SPEC facility in Cartagena, although it was actually the very first cargo received for commercial purposes into Colombia. The operations was a complete success despite several unexpected challenges.

We have also moved forward to increase our relations circle by joining associations that would enable us to strengthen our networking ability.

Our strongest referral continues to be a mandate from LBH Group: act in transparency and protect the interests of our customers. This includes contracting for a fair value with reliable and transparent port service companies, keeping up with quality regulations and operational restrictions, and testifying all events surrounding a ship´s port call. We acknowledge that being an organization supported on people, we have made mistakes, but we also acknowledge that we have taken swift measures to take the necessary corrections when corrections are needed.

We see our customers´ support and trust in our services, as a dynamic recognition that LBH Colombia is doing something very good. And we will continue to honor this recognition, ship in and ship out.

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