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We have enjoyed yet another month of Halloween, a festivity where we take advantage of teams imagination to dress our offices with customes relatives to the celebration of the witch day (in Colombia as well as in many parts of the world), on 31 st October. During entire month our RET division (in Spanish for strategic and talents resource from where we do all administration) promoted in the different operations areas the enthusiasm needed to get us into the October mood, and all offices actually surpassed expectations. Staff was so motivated that some of their children were eager to pay a visit to their parents offices, view the customes and ask questions. Also, in Santa Marta, taking advantage of the school mid term break, RET took one afternoon to bring our children together, fully dressed up for the Halloween celebration and enjoy an afternoon at the movies. Indirectly all these are aimed at telling and teaching our next generation that offices are not just a place to work in a boring isolated environment.

Another RET activity this month was carrying out prevention campaigns against breast cancer in all the offices, integrating the teams (men and women alike) in a pink colour festivity to bring awareness on how to prevent this terrible illness. We appreciate highly these activities by our RET team and its interest in looking after good health habits of all lbh colombia employees and our families.

This month we witnessed the connection of the northand south sides of the Gaviria Tunnel (also known as El Toyo), in Colombia´s northeast mountain range, which will shorten the travel time between the always prosperous Valle de Aburra with its reknown capital city of Medellin, and the Uraba region, home of a soon to be open multipurpose port of Puerto Antioquia (2025). Things will start to develop fast now for the region and for the port. LBH Colombia new office inside Zona Franca of Uraba, near the city of Apartado (our OPZ5 branch), fully manned, is ready to serve both agency and freight forwarding business in the Uraba/Antioquia regions.

Recently we serviced the first port call in Colombian port of the mv TR LADY operated by our client Cargill Intl which called at Puerto Drummond. What made it so special was the fact that this ship is built with four wind rotators on deck, in similar position as shipcranes. But these pilars actually save about 15% of fuel consumption and is under experiment to check a corresponding saving on co2 emissions. A lot of engineering and investment took place in the installation of these devices which can lead the way to shipping becoming more environmentally friendly and efficient in the coming years.

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