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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

LBH Colombia continues to advance and make progress in its logistics division, which is in charge of technical management services to hea downers, and of freight forwarding services worldwide for niche cargoes. This year we participated in the Panama Expologistic Congress back in March, we also attended in Rotterdam the European Break Bulk Conference and Exhibition in June, and this month we had our own stand during the Analdex Congress in Bogota for Export/traders and cargo generators, all with great success.

Thanks to our in-port presence with own office and staff, and our quality and dedicated service, both values inherited from our ship agency activities, LBH Colombia logistics division has been gaining market and recognition in Colombia, as a serious participant on the global supply chain. Customers are feeling the difference and this is the start point for confidence buildup from where to start a long lasting relationship.

The need for cargo trading, whether it be project or containerized cargo, air or smaller bulk parcels, is an ongoing reality. Interconnectivity and technology has made possible the tremendous growth in global trade, despite the ups and downs of the freight market,supply chain constraints, inflation and geopolitics. The more challenges the world faces the more reliable freight forwarder services it needs and this is where LBH Colombia comes in handy.

I feel very proud and thankful to our team, and the progress we have made in this field in a relatively short time, even though the road is still long and challenging ahead. LBH Colombia does not stop at attending ships or cargo operations. By adding the services of the Logistics division we are complementing our 3 decade long experience in shipping and maritime transport for the benefits of customers and the market at large.

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