LBH Colombia’s origin was a single agency owned by CMB Group from Belgium, operating out of Puerto Bolivar as of 1989, under the name of Servitramp. Late in 1993, a partnership between Colombian Mauricio Ibañez and the Lagendijk brothers, bought Servitramp; which changed the name to Eurolatina S&C and formally started operations in January 1994. In 2007, due to market priorities and globalization in place by the entire LBH Group, it was finally called LBH Colombia.


​The LBH Group in association with AGUNSA (Agencias Universales) is present in more than 27 countries around the world, all focused on the bulk commodity trading patterns. In Colombia, we have offices in Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, Riohacha, Coveñas, Buenaventura and Puerto Bolivar, in alignment with the country’s cargo potential. Our mission is to make the job of our customers easier, by keeping close communication with all parties involved and by offering permanent professional and technical assistance, in a way that adds value to the overall experience.


Represent the interests of ship-owners and charterers, with a high sense of professional responsibility, coordinating and supervising the optimal provision of port services during the motor vessel’s calls at Colombian ports. Making sure everything is done in a safely, reliably and efficiently manner and managing the accurate development of documentation required by all parties involved. We fulfill our mission by maximizing our human talent’s potential, providing opportunities for innovation and continuous training, taking care of our investor’s priorities, minimizing our work’s negative impact on the environment and leaving a positive impression on our customers and the communities that shelter us.

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