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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

At LBH Colombia we have adopted for years a culture of looking for internal human talents to feed our ongoing progress and growth needs. We believe that this strategy has contributed greatly to building a cohesive team, identified by strong values and cultures which are the norm and mandates of LBH Group at large.

Some of our team members who have enjoyed promotion have also left due to change in priorities or setting new personal goals in different paths. Today we can name various of our team members who occupy a position due to promotion: Karen Gonzalez, who began 14 years ago as finance analyst has been for a number of years now the manager for administration and finance, leading all our activities that support the core: human resources and administration affairs, it, accounting, fdas. Yesenia Orozco, also with us some 15 years, began as office assistant and went thru FDA, Treasury leader and now heads the Human Talent and Resources division. On her own team, Leo Quiroz who started as an administration trainee and leads now the HSEQ functions; Leo will soon move to Barranquilla to be geographically closer to our main area of operations in Santa Marta, and will make teams with Jose Orozco, who started as junior manager for Operations area 4 covering Buenaventura, and has now been promoted as national coordinator for operations and logistics. Moving on to Operations, both Alvaro Gonzalez and Jose Caballero, began more than 2 decades ago as part of outsourcing company of boarding clerks, and each today manage operational departments (area1 and area 2 respectively) with enthusiasm. Flavio Angulo, who leads our operations area 3 now, began as a junior supervisor almost 8 years ago. Sandra Avila has been directing our commercial relations department for more than 13 years after performing a few years as marketing coordinator. Mauxi, began more than 10 years ago at the FDA area and is now Treasury leader. Maria Jose Luna is now a Commercial Relations Executive after being a trainee and making a half year stop as operations assistant. Adriana Benitez began as operations assistant and is now operations manager assistant for our Puerto Drummond operations out of our own trailer. Jennifer Herrera, who was operational assistant in both Santa Marta (Area 2) and Barranquilla offices (Area 1), is now leading our Customs team with enormous responsibility on her shoulders. Maria Aguilar will join the administration team next year, taking the functions of Leo and assisting Yesenia. New comers will be Paula Valiente in Finance, taking the post of María, and Tatiana Valencia, who is already part of our team in our Santa Marta main office teaming up with our Mónica. The list will not stop. This is an ongoing process where individual performance and attitudes are key indicators of their future roll in our company.

We thank all of those who have taken the challenges of new positions and wish them that their efforts and courage contribute further to their personal growth and success for the greater good of the company and what it represents in our communities.

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