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It may be difficult to imagine that a ship agency, called upon to be ready and solve professionally all problems of a portcall, can invest time in training its workforce in subjects that an untrained mind would see as a waste of time. But ship agencies are made up of people, primarily, and we at LBH Colombia are used to moving the minds of our people so that motivation, creativity, proactivity and alertness keep flowing in, thus enabling our teams to solve the problems, predictable or not, that araise prior, during and after a port call.

The government encourages this thru a training system which is elaborated in alliance with our labour risk insurers. Normally thru our Administration area (RET, Spanish for Strategic Resources and Talents), we take twice a year the time to plan this training, and based on peoples needs and preferences choose the subjects to focus on.

In 2020 and 2021, we went thru conferences and talks, usually no more than one hour duration, which included subjects such as Anxiety control, Financial skills, Writing skills in the digital world, Successful Personal relations, the Art of Parenthood, Techniques for relaxation, Lifestyles and Healthy habits for families, Coping with Teenagers, Pandemic prevention measures at work and at home, Money laundering awareness, Living under Lockdowns and surviving, Dancing therapy, Safety tips on the Highway, and many more.

This fountain of fresh knowledge, helps us to pave the way to our performance, and reliability, and equally important helps us to focus on an integral improvement attitude. We define our role as ship agents in how we do it, and such trainings, although not immidiately apparent, are a major part of the how behind the who.

We are happy and grateful to have this opportunity that also allow our teams to make a break from our rushy and stressful worklife.

In total during the last 2 years we invested more than 130 hours with average attendance of 80% of our workforce.

The efforts to continue pampering the minds and lighten up the hearts of our teams will continue during 2022.

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