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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

It is a traditional date, much like February 14 for the north americans, in Colombia we celebrate love and friendship on the 16th of September; of course for commercial purposes the date was extended to celebrations the entire month, something we Colombians are always good at.

At LBH Colombia we choose a day around 16 of September, and each office, depending on operational occupancy, takes the time to share gifts amongst us. The game starts with the pickup of piece of paper from a sealed bag where the name of your secret friend is written. Once you have the name you must keep it secret, and search for a small gift under an agreed and affordable budget to all. In years past we used to give each other such objects as t shirts, belts, gymnastic attaire, books, ornaments or fantasy souveniers. Lately however, we are more on the food fashion mood. From the moment when all names are secretly chosen, you can imagine the sort of jokes and messages sent thru email, chat, or just simply using the old fashion paper, as well as thru third parties within the office, sending indirect requests and signals to our unknown secret friend, indicating what gift we would like to receive. On the day of the celebration, we get together and everybody´s secret friend is revealed in a moment when we also share snacks, soft drinks and laughter. For LBH Colombia, more than a celebration, it is one quality moment to reinforce the bond within the branch teams.

Attached pictures of such celebration this year from our larger offices of Santa Marta and Cartagena, which this year managed to enjoy the moment.

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