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Updated: May 13, 2022


The person I had chosen to assist me in leading the commercial activities for LBH Colombia back in 2002 changed its mind even prior to showing up in the office for a first training session. Originally, I had chosen two candidates, and Sandra was the second, but did not initially look into her because she had to move from Barranquilla, and I thought maybe better someone from Cartagena where our HQ was already established. However, it so happens that after a short pause, and in view of the unexpected disappointment by choice number one, I then contacted Sandra and offered her the job. A few weeks later, she was formally hired by then Eurolatina Shipping. That was 20 years ago, this month.

Since then many things have evolved around Sandra´s life and all our customers have had to deal with her. I have had the chance to travel many times around many countries and have seen her determination, her energy and positive note to those business travels usually bringing her charm and spontaneous behavior to clients and colleagues alike. Many stories to tell from Sandra, no doubt, but the most important and prevailing one is the fact that she is a woman of courage, like a small sailboat navigating stormy seas taking one wave after another with faith, and fully convinced that destiny is there to provide us the results we expected and we work hard for.

In 2006 she was officially appointed as manager for Commercial relations and since then she has had to deal and manage different all sorts of people in her team: some left due to looking into other horizons, others did not match the expectations. Overall, she always took the best part of everyone and tried hard to maximize it both for the person and for the company. As with any other job, sometimes it worked, sometimes it did not. Regardless, she has always counted on good assistants in the office, where we continue to show the Colombian flag for LBH Group.

She can always surprise you from the very unexpected situations: reaching targets well above the initial goal, or explaining vividly to a german immigration officer that Colombia is the land of Shakira, Sandra always has the initiative that a woman with natural spark has.

I am very thankful that choice number one never took the chance, but much more appreciative that Sandra, original a hotel relations graduate, chose us to continue developing her career. We all at LBH Colombia are very thankful for her continued services which now includes sharing tips with the youngsters from her life long experience in dealing with the world.

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