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Updated: Jan 27, 2023


Leo Quiroz is our leader in the HSEQ team, in charge of ISPS processes, as well as making sure all our operations are aligned with the different terminal and authorities requirements, certification guidelines and demands, and government rules in safety for the entire company. He just finished a specialization major in Safety and Health Management. His narrative caught my attention, after he was publicly recognized by our staff on his recent achievement. I decided, it was best to translate it directly from his own writing:

I arrived at LBH Barranquilla branch to do an internship as an apprentice in Technology in business administration in 2009. During this time, I fell in love with the maritime and port industry and I undertook a new challenge: to become a professional in maritime and river administration. However short of completing the last semester to finish my professional career there was a crisis in the maritime sector where LBH Colombia was heavily participating, and as a result the agency was forced to make an intense restructuring program and move and transfer personnel to other local branches. At that time, I had to decide whether to accept transfer to LBH Cartagena or finish my last semester as a maritime administrator in Barranquilla, but with no job. Guess what I chose? Well, I decided to move to LBH Cartagena. “So Leo, and how did you finish then last semester to complete your career”? I traveled To Barranquilla by bus every day I could but I counted with a lot of understanding from my teachers. In addition to that, I managed with the university an exception to do some subjects in common with the International Business career via virtual attendance classes to be able to fulfill my goal of graduating (It was not easy at all). Today, that I am graduating from a specialist in Occupational Health and Safety I want to thank LBH for being part of this achievement and in day to day teaching me more than what Professors have taught me and finally, I want to invite all those who have not yet managed to get their careers completed, that they be filled with courage and dare to do so. Learning and self teaching on new subjects, nowadays so easy, must be present in our day to day life. I also learnt that "Life gives you back in direct proportion to your sacrifices".

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