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Today I want to dedicate some time to honor a group of assistants that take care of infinitely details in our organization; this team of dedicated and energetic young ladies, make possible thru their mission, that everything runs without problem in each of our branches. I am talking about the office and administration assistants. They are responsible for receiving and sending mail and courier to the correct destination in or out, making sure of our local travel reservations match our itineraries, deliver and exchange pieces of information valuable for our better planning, helping to organize local events or reminding us of meetings, lunches, or conferences, hosting and guiding our visitors to follow to the meeting rooms, delivering coffee or snacks to remind us that kindness and harmony must prevail, ensuring that our offices are maintained clean and healthy, actively participating in groups discussions to improve the various aspects of our organization, filing and tracking documents, including sensitive issues such as customs procedures, organizing and coordinating supply purchases according to our internal policies and inventory, among many others tasks.

Several names have come and gone in these positions, but today, the names that stay and make our life a bit less complicated are:

Ana Franco

Ana Maria Franco, from our Cartagena office, who has been with us already for 1 year. Ana is 22 years old, born in one of the largest towns of Bolivar province, Magangué. She is due to complete a major in Administration of International Trade later this semester. She has built her character thru many sacrifices but always leading her life into achieving greater dreams. In her initial studies on customs process and operations, a technical pensum, she wanted to complete another cicle of studies in logistics but she fought for a scholarship with the government and she managed to fulfill the requirements. One of such requirements was giving social and volunteer time within the university, and this allowed her to keep the scholarship and get her technical diploma. Lately, and since she joined our office, she has been working during daytime and studying during evening time to get the professional diploma in International Trade. Ana would like to continue studies in English language during the next semester while making progress in her profession as opportunities come. She also attends gym 3 times per week and enjoys family and movies in the rest of her free time. We are happy to have her in our team and very appreciative of all she does every day for us.

Karla Mosquera

Karla Mosquera, from our Buenaventura office who have been with us already for 1 year. Karla is a natural from Buenaventura and has 4 brothers. She is currently following Business Administration but also did study already International Trade. After completing her studies, her aspirations are to put all her knowledge into service, in a company that allows her professional growth. Her father and grandfather own a furniture and home accessories shop in Buenaventura, an activity which she could identify with for her long term plans. For the moment she enjoys reading and watching interactive videos as well as keeping her focus on her studies. Karla remembers as an exceptional time in her life when she had to give special assistant to a close friend. Karla is part of our Customs team, handling so far with enough care this task which is for Buenaventura never too easy. We thank Karla for her motivation and contribution to our team.

Andrea Perez

Andrea Perez works from our Barranquilla office and has been with us already for 1 year; Andrea is 24 years old and has 2 sisters and 1 brother. Currently she is studying Hotel and Tourism Administration and would like to become a successful professional woman able to work in her preferences and enjoy that which he does day to day. She remembers as an extraordinary activity in her life the campaign which she organized with several friends from her university to bring and donate unused belongings to a group of needed people and how happy these people became just from receiving these gifts. Andrea enjoys exercising, cooking, visiting a good restaurant from time to time, and traveling when she has a chance. Andrea gives support to our operations team as well as filling up minor marketing tasks. We appreciate her dedication and the values she shares with us.

Adriana Benitez

Adriana Benitez, from our Santa Marta office, who have been with us for 2,5 years and does take care of more operational aspects. Adriana is 27 and has 1 sister. She completed her studies in International Business and would like to become a graduate in Port Logistics. For her, one of the most special moments in her life was when she graduated from university after overcoming many difficulties. For now she is a key player in our custom team, but also giving excellent support with detailed concentration in our office in Santa Marta. Adriana also enjoys going to the gym and we hope to see her running among the first places in the next Marathon in Santa Marta in June, where LBH will have a strong representation. WE acknowledge her dedication towards completing her goals, certainly an example for everybody.

No one has any doubt as to the importance that these young ladies have in our organization and we hope and wish that their dedication continue into the future, and LBH Colombia may continue to enjoy for many years to come, their positive spirit, ideas, and enthusiasm to permeate our daily routine and responsibilities.

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