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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Monica Collante
Monica Collante

Mónica began working with us back around October of 1994, when we were formalizing our office in Santa Marta. She was just recently graduated from technical school and English language and we booked her as secretary, but was soon appointed as operations and administration assistant; she was a young energetic woman ready to service and learn. Her discipline and on time performance were shining soon enough in the difficult male dominated environment of the port community, which was used to many excuses and many “mañanas”. But Mónica was different and she adapted to our growing needs putting many times “order” to the house. Soon she found the love of her life, Elkin, who also cooperated with us at certain busy times, and together grew a family of 2. Mónica has never changed along the years, in her principles and values: she continues to adapt as the workload became heavier, and the responsibilities bigger. When we switched managers from Alvaro to Jose, sometime around 2009, she remained as the firm lighthouse for the Santa Marta office at least during the earlier months of this change. Later on, and during the peak years of our operations which demanded a lot of personnel management, she was entrusted as Operations Service Superintendent, while we found an assistant for her, with whom she could take shifts during weekends; not long after we had to readapt again we gave her the focus on our freight forwarding activities and gave her the necessary training in customs procedures: she has always responded up to expectations. Of course, she has enthusiastically provided us with ideas in many aspects of our operations, participated in many of our systemic trainings and coachings, and has no doubts when she needs to point out where the team needs to make corrections. We appreciate very much her contribution to the success of our operations in Santa Marta and welcome her for many more years to come. In 2016 we honored her loyalty and dedication with a formal recognition. Mónica Collante is therefore another example of why this company has enjoyed successful ventures for a long time.

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