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Everybody looks forward to a personal realization, now more commonly referred to as holistic realization and this includes traditionally, a professional growth, as well as family development. At LBH Colombia we have always motivated our people to look after both priorities in balance, either by training and education, giving sufficient balance time to rest and time with the family, and opportunities to evolve professionally. Along the way, some of our colaborators have left in search of other priorities, others we have let go.

Bu t regardless, people always evolve along he timeline of planning and of surprises in life.

Out of 52 current employees, 17 have less than 3 years in the company, and 5 of them having joined us during the pandemic and during this year.

Of those over 3 years in the company, 13 are either single or divorced, while 23 are either married or with a permanent relationship, with an average of maintaining such status of almost 13 years and the most years of marriage being 26.

Nine of those who remain single have no children, and the total number of children for those employees who do have is 55. Ten of us have 3 children each, nine of us have 2 children each, and the rest have bear so far 1.

The average age of the children is 13,2 and all the children are attending either school or university except for 3 who are already fully independent, including one who works with the company as does his father.

When we look at the evolution of LBH Colombia over time, we also take a look at how the families of our team are doing, since we are aware that every decision may affect this side of the “holistic realization”.

Training, education is a fundamental necessity for keeping our team balanced both in their professional life as well as in their family life. We engage with them in subjects such as personal finance and budget controls, drug and alcohol prevention, relax therapy sessions, healthy food and cooking lessons, and private medical care in addition to the public health system. Talk and meetings on these subjects are carried out every month throughout the company with the much needed help of virtuality.

It is one other way by which LBH Colombia gives gratitude to the dedication, loyalty and performance of our team. When we see their families grow, there is a feeling of realization that we are doing as a whole, the right thing for society, not only for our customers, but also for them and their families.

Happy families, and healthy minds bring about efficient professional development in benefit of all who count on us.

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