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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

We have had the fortune once again of being called upon to act as ship agents for a first time operation. In the past, terminals such as Puerto Brisa, Puerto Drummond, Puerto Nuevo, RioCórdoba, and Puerto Bolivar´s second pier, have received their first ship ever with LBH Colombia acting as ship agents. More recently and in Cartagena, we have serviced two times under the same condition within a period of 2 months. The first operations involved the loading of petcoke from Puerto Mamonal. This operations included the first time export of petcoke from Colombia, as a direct result of the new Refinery, and the first time use of Puerto Mamonal top of the line enclosed shiploader. The equipment was built in Germany and it would allow the port to resume their normal operations of coking coal loadings in accordance with latest environmental requirements. The loading took 3 full days, but rate increased significantly towards the end, and adjustment stoppages decreased.

The second operation where we acted as first ship agent was loading of palm oil thru Cartagenas new dedicated vegoil terminal OKEANOS, with new infraestructure in place even ahead of time. Lack of space to meet the increasing demand for export of this refined product, motivated a group of investors to challenge themselves into offering storage and loading facilities in the area of Cartagena. The parcel tanker vessel had first called Tumaco, a major palm oil source, then Ecuador, and back to Colombia via Panama Canal to Cartagena; later she would complete the cargo in Santa Marta. The operations at Okeanos were completed one full day ahead of initial estimation, with an average loadrate of about 260 tons per hour.

We are honoured and thankful to have had the opportunity to service these vessels, cargo owners and terminals. We shall continue to work with our usual professionalism and LBH quality standards to ensure full satisfaction with our customers, in appreciation of their trust.​

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