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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

At LBH Colombia we have a discipline for cost controls and other indicators related to the wellbeing of our work teams. Some of the parameters are actually required by different government authorities who are vigilant for better governance practices.

One of the most awaited activities are our continued training sessions with which cover various themes for personal development. We began the year with the Optimum Seminar attended by the youngest half of our staff over a period of 3 months. This is a seminar which has to do with personal realization, leadership, and other valuable life lessons. The elder staff of LBH Colombia took such a training more than 15 years ago, and it was time to renew both the knowledge and bring the new generations aligned with these lifelong principles. For pandemic reasons, the last session had to be rescheduled and carried out on virtual mode, but everybody (22 employees) completed the training.

We complemented the trainings during first semester with a seminar on Healthy Life Habits, Guide to Safe Urban Cycling and two sessions with updated information on the prevention measures taken amidst covid19. Curiously enough the fact that we are under restricted mobility allowed us to reach more people all along our different offices with minimum interruption of workload.

Our absentism and accident ratios have remained flat at zero during the last couple of years, except from 3 cases of motherhood which are logically considered under Colombian labour legislation. New mothers stay with their babies for about 4.5 months on average. Other indicators show favourable results from the intensive safety protocols that we follow with acute discipline when we work at each of the different ports and always in a proactive management style. For a short period in past weeks we were the only ship agent in Puerto Bolivar to be allowed to serve ships there as we were in line and on time with their strict biosecurity protocols. At Drummond, where we are the main agent for decades, our safety records contributes to maintaining their incident ratios among contractors way below the industry average.

Our work continues to offer great opportunities and we look to the future with sound optimism. We have made the return to office work a voluntary decision for our employees, among which, fortunately we have had no infections. For many, and we agree, working from home has been comfortable enough and just as productive, if not even more.

We have opened a new line of business, our logistics division and are on route to becoming a fully certified freight forwarder. We shall explore new opportunities, and we will do it with might and conviction.

The number of virtual meetings for internal policy design, administration discussion, and strategy implementation continues with no break and no impediments. We are taking advantages of different alternative clientele to plan some reshuffling of our workforce, to make us as efficient as the market dictates.

No doubt we also have had some distortions in our market participations, some easily explained by the pandemic, others difficult to judge in simplicity, but we see opportunities where we set sight. Technology has been our biggest friend, and our operations teams are our true service heroes.

Today a new generation is becoming perfectly capable to lead us into a new future. Our preparation for this move is just beginning.

On a recent internal poll, we rediscovered the reason of a long successful passage: our strong internal culture has inspired our team and has made people feel proud of having LBH stamped in our ADN. It is such ADN that makes a loyal connection with many longlasting relations.

As always, thank you Customer for making this possible.

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