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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

After 20 years of existence as a ship agency in the Colombian market two factors shine straight away to have contributed to our career: one, people. LBH Colombia has enjoyed an excellent workforce which leaves no doubt on such aspects as performance, commitment, proactivity, knowledge and above all a genuine interest to serve. There is passion to be felt in our hearts because we love what we do. Ships, ports, crew, cargoes, documents, restrictions, stevedores, it is all in our blood. It is true that we have had along the way many failings and drop outs; it is part of our growing process. If it holds true that as human beings it may be that we are always subject to mistakes, and to improvements, it is also true that our current team is emotionally strong and mature, young in spirit and attitude and full of experience in the fields we dominate. Thank you team. The second factor contributing to our career is LBH Group, with its strong worldwide presence. In the midst of a commodity trade environment which is today highly connected, being a member of the LBH Group has allowed us to extend our arms beyond the reaches of the local horizon, helping us to learn from experience in more than 100 ports worldwide, and to jointly pamper both the global customer as well as the local customer. Standardized top performance, strong communication and a common understanding of the rules of the game offer certainty to those enjoying our brand across the supply/logistic chain. Thank you LBH Group. Above all, of course, there is you, the customer. Our reason to be here.

Thank you very much for your consideration and support this far. Let us help you make your work one bit easier.


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