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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

On behalf of our partners in LBH Colombia, I wish to express our most sincere appreciation to our operations teams at our different branches who continue committed to delivering performance amidst the crisis and abundance of negative news.

These are challenging times, but as long as there is a way to overcome the challenge, we shall continue to reach our goal of providing first class service for smooth turnaround of ships under our consignment. Customers abroad depend on us now mora than ever.

We have incurred in additional expenditure in order to meet the strict demands in place at the different ports, additional training in prevention of infection with COVID19 and additional increased travel time from our offices to the remote ports where we service, with all kind of certificates and identifications on board so that control stations by police allow us to continue our work as mandated by Decree from the Presidency. Most important, our team has proved to be ready to face and overcome such challenges with courage, proving their positive attitude and mental thought pattern is drawing a big difference.

Therefore I wish to express our deepest thankfulness to our port supervisors teams: to Bladimir Salas, Jaime Rodriguez, Jesús Tinoco, for our Barranquilla/Bolivar operations; Jorge Cuadrado, Jaime Mier, Gabriel Lafferti, Danilo Garzón, Alexander Lara, Christian Klein, Osnaider Zurbarán, Adriana Benitez, Jorge Perez, Darío Carmona, Jose L Romerín, for our Sta Marta/Ciénaga operations; Flavio Angulo, Mike Nieto, Richard Rivadeneria Jr, and Fernando De la Rosa, for our Cartagena/Coveñas operations; FelixMolina and Karla Mosquera for our Buenaventura operations.

Of course the teams leaders play an important rol in motivation, guiding and supervising: Alvaro Gonzalez, Jose Caballero, Flavio Angulo and Jose Orozco, and all supported via home office thru our operations assistants.

Thank you very much for putting your face in front of this challenge for the company and for our customers. We shall ensure that you all continue to perform with the highest level of protection needed.

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