Other Donations

Corporacion General Gustavo Matamoros D ‘Acosta (General Corporation Gustavo Matamoros D' Acosta)
The Corporation Matamoros is a private not-for-profit entity, which, from 1986, supports soldiers, marines and policemen wounded in combat, to the widows and orphans of the dead and family of uniformed kidnapped or missing.
As an entity that works supporting the members of the Military Forces of Colombia and of the National Police, it belongs to the G. S. E. D; Social and Managerial Group of the Ministry of National Defense.
Our policy for other participants is subject to eventual situations and community requests, of course depending as well on the availability of funds.  In conjunction with Drummond, for instance, we help to reforest a park in the city of Ciénaga as well as participating in medical donations to hospitals in the La Loma Community thru the foundation Amigos del Carbón (Friends of Coal).
Harbour Master Office of Pto. Bolivar. (Capitania de Pto. Bolivar)